Since its inception in 2014, Light Moves has supported the artistic exploration of choreography and body on screen.

Screendance offers unique ways of engaging with identity, gender and environment via the powerful language of movement, choreography and film.  This year's screenings, exhibitions, performances and talks are a window into the rich diversity, boldness and vibrancy which drives this multidisciplinary form.

Collaboration and community are vital ingredients in screendance and have played a valuable role in the journey of Light Moves.  2016 marks the beginning of a two-year collaboration with Limerick City Gallery of Art (LCGA).  Two films by renowned visual artist Tacita Dean - including her 2009 collaboration with Merce Cunningham Craneway Event - will be screened there, while LCGA also exhibits our second year of selected works from 24 Frames Per Second by Carriageworks, Australia.

2016 is a historically significant year for Ireland and we are drawing particular attention to the vibrant landscape of screendance here, with many works dealing with the challenges of the past and present.  Additionally, we invite you to experience through the lens of screendance the movement and choreography inherent in three extraordinary award-winning feature-length films by Terrence Malick, Benedek Fliegauf and Michelangelo Frammartino, showing at the Belltable.

Light Moves welcomes all who are travelling and contributing to the festival, especially our guest speakers and performers: Jonathan Burrows, Matteo Fargion, Dr Laura U. Marks and Dr Erin Brannigan.  Of course, no festival can flourish without support and investment, and we would like to thank all the individuals and organisations who have made Light Moves possible.  It is a real privilege to be able to create a home for screendance here in Limerick and we look forward to sharing the experiences of Light Moves 2016 with you.

Mary Wycherley & Jürgen Simpson, festival curators