Symposium Day 2

  • Dance Limerick John's Square Limerick Ireland

A fascinating series of talks on the nature of identity in screendance, film, dance and media.

9:00am: Registration and Welcome, with Mary Wycherley, Curator of Light Moves

9.30am: Session 4
Ariadne Mikou (UK/IT/GR): Anarchitextures, Haptic Screen Encounters and Montage in Space.
Karen Wood (UK): WhoLoDance - Movement identity through motion capture.
Charles Linehan (UK) & Jonathan Clark (UK): Movement, Kinetics, Film (Shadow Drone Project).
Florence Freitag (DE) & Camille Jemelen (DE/CA): s(th)inking in movement: stretching the videodance frame and performing conversations with dead artists.
Presentations followed by moderated panel discussion

10:35am: Short Break & Refreshments

10:50am: Session 5
Priscilla Guy (CA): Small-scale screendance and independent production as political resistance: alternate frames and ways of working.
Liliya Yovcheva (UK): Formation of identity within the frame: Challenges of the self in relation to the outer space.
Clotilde Amprimoz (FR): Embodying history: renewal / appropriation / archive. Bodies, galleries and cinematic works exhibited.
Paula Guzzanti (IRL): The affective body as site of recording the moving experience in site-specific choreographic practice.
Presentations followed by moderated panel discussion.

November 4
Symposium Day 1