Light Moves Screendance Lab 2017



TUES 31 OCT 10AM - 5PM | WED 1 NOV 10AM - 4PM
Screendance and documentation in challenging situations
With Eva Stotz

Have you ever wondered how to cope with extreme temperatures, sandstorms, riots and conflict whilst attempting to make your documentary? Have you ever wanted to go into situations of political unrest and emotional upheaval, and be able to create a documentary that does justice to the events portrayed, whilst maintaining artistic integrity? Over the course of this 2-day workshop documentary filmmaker, Eva Stotz, will discuss the evolution of her documentary 'One Million Steps', where shooting collided with the Turkish uprising, and guide you through her documentation and filming approach.


Real-time Screendance

With Nicholas Ward and Jürgen Simpson.

This hands-on workshop is an introduction to the rich potential of real-time technologies in the creation and presentation of screendance. Drawing upon cinema, digital art, performance and installation art, this workshop explores the potential of non-linear film across a range of contexts. It embraces real-time systems in the organisation and presentation of filmed materials and offers artists conceptual and practical insights into the processes and aesthetic choices. Participants are given the opportunity to work with the key software tools used in performance and gallery art contexts and are introduced to a range of interaction technologies that are prevalent in this area. Discussion will be invited around the challenges of developing work in an expanded cinema and performance context and the future potential of this area.