A note from Mary & Jürgen.

Since its inception in 2014, Light Moves has celebrated and explored screendance in all its forms via its annual festival in Limerick, Ireland.

We are now announcing that Light Moves is taking a pause from a 2019 festival to support the team to reflect and plan for its next phase of activities.

Over the past five festivals, Light Moves has championed artists and surprised audiences via a range of initiatives demonstrating the originality of screendance: from the cinematic context to gallery installations, and supporting both artistic and academic research and commissioning. Light Moves strongly values remaining responsive, relevant and impactful within the national and international community and we believe that taking a pause will facilitate us to reflect on what has been achieved and to explore new ways to connect, advance and realise our future vision. Light Moves is committed to dance, film and media arts and looks forward to renewed and refreshed perspectives, new models for engaging and a strategy for its future.

Stay in touch with us and watch for news updates on social media and our website for upcoming Light Moves news and initiatives.

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