Screendance Lab for BA Students

With Marisa Zanotti

Presented in partnership with the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at UL

The undergraduate screendance lab takes as its starting point ideas of intensities and action in creating screen choreographies and begins with a consideration of stillness.  Participants will depart from physiologist Mabel Todd's idea of stillness as being the result of reflexes working as if "in a signal and switching station of a great railway, where half a hundred possible train wrecks must be averted simultaneously".  (Todd: 1937).  The lab will include discussions around cinematic bodies, and will explore techniques in choreographing intensities used in both artist film and action film.  It will also examine artists who work with corporeal perception in mediums outside screendance.  Attention will be paid to Laura U. Marks' writing on perception as a multi-sensory operation (Marks: 2000)*.

Marisa Zanotti is a filmmaker whose work is informed by her background in dance, theatre and installation.  Her first short film At the end of the sentence received BAFTA and BIFA nominations.

Marisa Zanotti will also speak at Light Moves Screendance Symposium 2016.
*Dr Laura U. Marks will present the Keynote Address at Light Moves Screendance Symposium 2016.

Tues 1 - Thurs 3 Nov | 10am-5pm | Irish Chamber Orchestra Building, University of Limerick