Milky Way / Tejút

  • Belltable 69 O'Connell Street Limerick Ireland

2007 | Hungary/Germany | 1h 22min
Director, Screenplay: Benedek Fliegauf

"this film quiets the mind"

Taking place over the course of a single day, from dawn to dusk, each self-contained scene tells a story inside and, at times, outside the frame.  Shot from a distant, motionless camera position, and with beautiful visual style and a meticulously crafted sound design, this ambient film immerses the viewer in an intimate sensory experience.

The third feature-length film from Hungarian director Benedek (Bence) Fliegauf, Milky Way plays with expectations of narrative.  Fliegauf wishes to show his audience "the place where we live for what it really is: one planet in an infinite universe."  In this film "there are no countries, cities, political conflicts.  Instead, we see the biosphere, timeless landscapes and the curious, mysterious beings living in them: ourselves.  Milky Way is a unique kind of nature film where, instead of giraffes and penguins, we see humans."

Winner, Golden Leopard, Locarno Film Festival 2007.
Feature Film Prize, Barcelona (L'Alternativa) Independent Film Festival.

"...once you allow yourself to fall into the film's unique rhythm, it offers a rewarding and strangely captivating viewing experience."
Bonjour Tristesse

Suitable for 16yrs+

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