Film Submission and Competition Terms and Conditions 2018


a. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that full copyright and permissions have been acquired in advance of submission.  The festival will not be accountable for any additional presentation costs.  Please pay particular attention to ensure that music used has been cleared for copyright and that music presentation tariffs are not required.

b. By submitting to the festival, applicants cede the right to reproduce extracts and images of the submitted works for the purpose of promoting Light Moves festival events. Submitters waive all claims to remuneration where extracts of work are presented in such contexts.  Any request to present extracts of work outside of such contexts by a third party will be communicated to the film’s rights holder by the festival.


a. Applicants may submit more than one application. However an application fee is required for each submission.  See submission fees below at 4.a

b. Films which are close to completion will be considered and these should be submitted in the usual fashion.  Such works should clearly indicate what stages of finalisation are required before completion.  Generally such works should be at final edit stage with only elements such as audio mix or colour correction required.  The duration of such works must not change from the submission of the initial version to the final version.  Such films must be submitted no later than one month prior to the festival dates.

c. All film submissions must include appropriate credits which clearly indicate those involved in the creation of the work. Where appropriate, funding bodies and any sponsors involved should be included.  English subtitles are required where language plays a central role, such as in documentaries.

d. Submissions which are deemed to not meet the submission requirements cannot be considered.

e. The deadline for receipt of film submissions is Friday 20 April 2018 (final deadline).

f. Only submissions accompanied by the correct fee, and received by the allocated deadline, will be accepted/considered.

g. In 2018, Light Moves will curate installations by invitation only. Therefore, unlike previous years, Light Moves will not be accepting installation type submissions via the open call.

h. Light Moves welcomes the submission of documentary films.  However, please be aware that, due to the nature of the screening timetable, there are limited slots for documentary works that extend beyond 55 minutes.

i. Student films are welcome and are defined as those either directed or choreographed by students who have been registered on educational courses no higher than MA level in 2017 or 2018.  Submissions that do not clearly define the school or college you are/were registered at and the course title and degree type will not be considered.


a. Light Moves will accept works in a wide variety of formats and frame-rates. Aspect ratios from 1:1.37 to 1:2.39 are acceptable. However any film which deviates from 16:9 should be pillarboxed or letterboxed accordingly. Audio channels may be up to 5.1 surround sound and audio track ordering should conform to the standard AC3 arrangement (L, R, C, LFE, Ls, Rs). If alternative arrangements for media delivery are required please contact the festival team.

b. Light Moves requires that submission of works be made online via FilmFreeway using Vimeo and that, where possible, submitters also include a screening file of their work, to be downloaded if the submission is selected.  Here is the link to the Light Moves festival listing on FilmFreeway by clicking here

c. Additional Details: Light Moves requires some details which are additional to the standard FilmFreeway submission form.  When completing your form on FilmFreeway, please be sure to include the following details:

- Choreographer(s);
- Composer/Sound;
- Dance/Production Company;
- Stereo/Surround Sound;
- Date of first screening of submitted work;
- College/University (student submissions);
- Academic Course Title (student submissions); 
Please also include at least two high resolution production photos (jpeg format is preferred).

d. Light Moves will not be held liable for any of the costs involved in submitting materials for the festival.


a. Entrance fees are as follows and are non-refundable:

Standard Fee: US$26.50 (€25) - Deadline for all submissions is 20 April 2018

Student Fee: US$21.50 (€20) - Deadline 20 April 2018. Please indicate affiliation to school / university in submission)

b. Unfortunately, Light Moves is not able to waive the entry fee as we rely on these fees to administer the festival.

c. Film submissions will be selected by the festival curating team and selected works will be scheduled to screen at one of the film screenings during the festival.

d. Entering a film into the festival indicates that the film is copyright compliant and films cannot be withdrawn following selection.

e. All entries to the festival submitted via the Open Call will be considered for the festival competition unless otherwise specified by the applicant.

f. All decisions are final.


a. All films and video works selected for Light Moves which have been produced in the past three years will be considered for the festival prizes.

b. Works may be considered for the best student award where the director/choreographer or the majority of the creative team have been studying at undergraduate or master’s level during 2016 or 2017 in an area related to the creative arts.  Works will be automatically considered for the student prize where they have been submitted at the student rate.  Proof of affiliation may be required. 

c. Light Moves will award €2500 prize money in the following categories:

1.       Festival Prize for outstanding overall work - €1000

2.       Most innovative use of Sound/Music - €500

3.       Outstanding choreography and/or performance- €750

4.       Best National/International Student Work - €250

d. The Jury for the competition prizes will be composed of internationally recognised film, media arts and dance experts invited by the Light Moves Festival committee.

e. The Festival Team reserves the right to modify the aforementioned sums if circumstances so dictate and no complaint may be made in this situation.

f. Applicants submitting films are encouraged to attend the festival and if your film is selected,  you will be allocated an Artists’ Pass to attend all events at Dance Limerick which is the main screening venue.  Please ensure that you reserve and confirm your pass  good time, as there is a limited seating capacity at the venue.