Light Moves 2018 Award Winners

Light Moves Festival Prize for Outstanding Overall Work:

Time Reversal Symmetry - Directed and choreographed by Evann Siebens.

Light Moves Innovative Use of Sound Award:

Entangled - Directed and choreographed by Marisa Zanotti. Composer, Matthew Whiteside.

Light Moves Outstanding Choreography and/or Performance Award (sponsored by Dublin Dance Festival):

SWARM - Directed by Emma Miranda Moore and choreographed by Amber Doyle.

Light Moves Outstanding National/International Student Work Award (sponsored by the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance):

Listen to the Grass Grow - Directed by Kristina Daurova, choreographed by Maiia Vlasova and Kristina Daurova.

Light Moves Short Film Audience Award:

Caboom #23 Knives - Directed and choreographed by Sebastian Weber.